What does Motivate Digital Solutions do? 

Well, that is up to you! We know you don't have the time to send Emails, SMS, Build automation, create your website, and do marketing for your business.

We can help you from conception to competition. That's right, most agencies and services only fill 1 - 2 gaps. They will give you the tools but won't do the work. Our goal is to help you build a plan and work that plan.

We can build you a customized plan to grow your business, engage your customers, and even get you more sleep! We are sure you have a few more questions, so read on!

Are trying to do everything yourself?

It can seem overwhelming sometimes when you are starting a business or trying to grow one. There are many things to consider, think about, and do daily. Did you know that only 25% of companies in the US make a profit? If you spend all your time working on your business, there is no time to grow it. Our combined experience and skill sets are what you need to move forward.

Strategic Planning

With one 60-90 minute Zoom call, we will help you come up with ideas for your future and lay the groundwork for your success.

Blog Writing

Too busy to write your own blogs or writing is just not your thing? Take advantage of our Blog Writing Service!

Graphic Design

From eBook to bottle label layouts to business cards, we can help you design your ideal layouts.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Are you looking to do more on Facebook, Instagram or Google? We have created a very simple process to help you get more leads with social media ads.


Need help designing a logo or color scheme for your brand? Perhaps you want to revamp with a new design, we're here to help.


Have a physical product that you need to ship? How about Sample kits? We have the resources to handle the shipping process for you.

How does this all work

Each service level comes with different features that can help you based on where you are at in your business. Decide what you can afford monthly. All plans have a targeted onboarding call to set you up for success! Do you need a LOT of help? Reach out to us for a custom quote!

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Meet the Founders

SteveN Kesselring

 Strategic Director

Steve is the CEO of Your Oil Tools and has built and helped build countless companies. He is a business Coach, Strategist & Award-winning speaker! 
Shawn Hood
 Creative Director

Shawn Is a gifted content creator that has an eye for design. For years he has been a small business owner and has personally developed countless websites.